Sarah Susan Kaltenbach McCarty

I was born 3-12-1944...........SARA4.JPG (6943 bytes) Mt. Clemens,Michigan
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Houses Designed & Built by Sarah Susan AKA Sarasu

Cherokee House 1995 Under Construction in Cherokee, Ca.95% complete 2000  
Pine Mountain House 1990 In the Los Padre's National Forest. Ca.  
Havasu House 1988 Overlooking Lake Havasu , Az.  
Pinion Tree House 1985 Overlooking the London Bridge ,Lake Havasu City, Az.  
Vazquez Rocks 1978 Overlooking Vasquez Rocks, Agua Dulce, Ca.  
MA'S House 1976 Mothers House on Barber Rd. Agua Dulce, Ca.  
Agua Dulce House 1972 La Casa Sergent on Barber Rd. Agua Dulce, Ca.  


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Projects Susan's Door Shop    Susan builds for Ed Foster      

  Furniture Building   Couch rebuilding     Getting High      Getting Dirty   

  Delivering new calf

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IMAGE6.GIF (963 bytes)Susan's four stages of life!

IMAGE6.GIF (963 bytes)Stage 1You Believe There Is A Santa Claus

IMAGE6.GIF (963 bytes)Stage 2You Believe There Is No Santa Claus

IMAGE6.GIF (963 bytes)Stage 3You Wish You Were Santa Claus

IMAGE6.GIF (963 bytes)Stage 4You Marry Santa Claus

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