..................................                                   .Daniel Lee Roy McCarty

Cowboy Cattle Rancher EPIC.JPG (4230 bytes)mari45.JPG (11157 bytes)      Legendary Lawman

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Retired Law Enforcement 1984. Looking for a new career as boat Captain or Cowboy!

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And as FATE would have it, I found both. Dixie Belle Captain 1986-96, Cowboy Rancher 1995 till ? Life is good!

STAR3.GIF (6979 bytes)Deputy Dan 1979     Theropy1.jpg (26395 bytes) L A  Co. Deputy Sheriff  Reunion 2008 ELA1960-1969

                                                                                                                                                                 Reunion 2008 1970-1979

A true story "The John Wayne Syndrome"  by Dan McCarty  will be publish sometime??  Preview the book

   Deputy Dan East L A 1973         Posse MemberButteP411.JPG (104533 bytes) Butte Co. 2003       Abe & Deputy Dan


Retired River boat Captain 1994.
Captain Dan Captain of THE DIXIE BELLE Paddle Wheeler Lake Havasu Arizona 1986--1995 USCG 100 Ton Master License

Santa Dan Santa Claus , Cherokee Ca. Christmas 1995. Santa Claus , Long Island N.Y. Christmas 1996


   My Distant Cousin BILLY THE KID AKA William H. McCarty

Rancher Dan Cattle Rancher / MUSTANG BREAKER 1994---

Table Mountain Man Fourth of July in Cherokee Ca. 1996

Work Information

Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff , 5-12-1968 to 4-17-1984

Patrol Stations worked
East Los Angeles Patrol 1969-1973.
Santa Clarita Patrol 1973-1984.


Dan Played Santa ,Christmas 1995 in Cherokee Ca. And at Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington NY 1996